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Online Marketing Strategy

Creating or optimizing your online marketing strategy is the most important step you can take. This is what makes or breaks a successful business.
Your whole online presence can be defined in the strategy and it helps you make future decisions.

  • Evaluating & improving the current strategy
  • Choosing the most important channels
  • Defining short and long-term goals

Search Engine Marketing

People search for things on the internet everyday. This is a huge opportunity for your business to get exposure and new clients.
Search Engine Marketing gives you the tools and the chance to showcase your business to everybody online.

  • Keyword strategy & research
  • Defining Goals
  • Campaign Setup
  • Evaluation & Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Social Media plays an ever-growing part in our daily life. We interact with each other and businesses online all the time.
With a proper Social Media presence, you gain much more than just followers. You build trust and get new customers.

  • Social profile setup
  • Organic posting strategy
  • Paid Strategy
  • Campaign Setup
  • Evaluation & Optimization

Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization

Almost every click online can be tracked and monitored. You can learn a lot about your customers if you observe what they do on your website.
No money spent on advertising should be lost, you can take charge of your costs and adjust accordingly.

  • Implementing of Tracking (Google Analytics, Tag Manager)
  • Analyzing current data
  • Improving conversion rates
  • A/B Testing


A website acts as a digital business card. It is essential nowadays to be present on the Internet with a modern-looking webpage.
If your page is up to date, good-looking, and fast, that gives you a competitive advantage.

  • Design Consultation
  • Website building (WordPress)
  • Mobile Optimization
  • SEO Basic Setup

Customer Relationship Management

Acquiring a customer is a great achievement. However, keeping that customer long-term is an even greater one.
You once spent time and money to engage with your client, why not utilize this relationship to the maximum?

  • Setup Email Marketing Tool
  • CRM Strategy
  • Tracking & Evaluation

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